Why Coronavirus Is Good For Marketing

Here in the UK, Lockdown measures are starting to ease after months of ‘essential only’ travel. That said, there really is a sense of trepidation with regards to just what the ‘new normal’ is going to be. One thing’s for certain, it’s going to be a good while before anything gets back to ‘normal normal’. What is normal anyway!?

As producers of photo and video for businesses both in Liverpool (where we’re based) and throughout the UK for our ‘further-afield’ clients, we’ve noticed somewhat of a shift in attitudes towards what we’re doing for them and just how much we’re creating. 

Lockdown has shown us just how much we rely on being connected online. Whether it’s with the Zoom quizzes we’ve all been ‘forced’ to take part in, pretty much completing Netflix or even (one of our favourite things to come out of Lockdown) ‘Virtual Wine Tasting’, more of our time is spent being online due to not being able to actually go anywhere.  And, though more non-essential shops are opening, many of us are still cautious of visiting them. Especially to browse. Who knew 2 metres was so difficult for everyone to understand?

Source: bigcommerce.com

Online purchases have skyrocketed and with increasing markets comes the increasing need for marketing. Makers have continued to make and consumers have continued to…er…consume!?

All those products/services bought and sold have had to have been presented to the potential customer and nothing has changed in the past 4 months regarding that. Images and video have still been needed to promote and market. What’s important now is that with more and more companies leaning, if not relying, on online marketing as their main selling base, the way in which their product is presented has become even more important than ever. The most professional product photography and the best quality video representation of a product is of paramount importance. Before we were all forced indoors, you could do your research online and then go into a store to have a close up and really make up your mind. For a time during full lockdown, that final step wasn’t an option.

Now, with long queues, restricted capacity in stores and not to mention the possibility of future spikes in cases which could lead to lockdown tightening for a good while to come, ecommerce really is where it’s at and those with the best marketing materials are surely going to be the businesses who survive and thrive through all of this.

One of our specialities here at Mersey Media has always been product photography. We have a dedicated photo and video studio here in North Liverpool and for over a year, we’ve had our collection service in place. 

This is where we’ve collected products from local sellers (or had them shipped from clients throughout the UK), shot them in our studio and then returned to them once the client is happy. 

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve continued to do this, simply with adding in the government guidelines of contactless transactions and ensuring that our studio has been kept sanitised throughout.

(edit: to be honest, that’s not very difficult here with Emma in charge. Think Monica from Friends and then multiply her cleanliness to the power of 10!)

We’ve managed to add in these elements without any rise in cost. We still start from a low ‘per product’ price and have added our half and full-day studio shoot rates for those looking to have a full batch of products photographed at one time. We also offer in-studio video for those who require close up video shorts for social media, all with fully-licensed high quality music. 

As for on-location filming, Emma and Adam are the only ones required on set and they’re married so not only have they been isolating together, but they can work closely when on a shoot. Add to that the fetching face coverings you can see them wearing above and Emma’s general (pre-pandemic) obsession with what she affectionately refers to as ‘Hand Sany’, and there’s your mobile film crew ready to shoot just what you need. Whether it’s a message to your customers reassuring them of what social distancing measures you’ve put in place in your premises for their return, or a marketing video for your next new product launch, two metres is maintained throughout the shoot and you’d never know from the finished video.

Mersey Media are currently running a heavily reduced offer for businesses in Liverpool and surrounding areas who are looking to produce such a video. We call it the ‘Reassurance Video’. If you’re considering one of these for your business or looking for your next round of product photos, we’re here to help.

Drop us an email or DM us on any of our socials and we’ll get back to you nice and quickly.

PS. If the mention above of the ‘Virtual Wine Tasting’ piqued your interest, check out Bacchus Wine Tasting for more info. 

They aren’t a client, we’re not marketing for them or anything like that. We just love wine and if you do too, this may just be a little sanity-saver for you as it has been for us. 

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