Monthly Retainers

Here at Mersey Media we believe in bang for your buck. That’s why we have created our monthly retainer packages. 80% of our clients are on them. Wanna know more? Read on.

Imagine having a library of footage you can call upon at any given time. A constant supply of content to post on your social media channels. A library that is constantly added to with more and more content every month. A media team you can call up and ask for a bespoke video to be made. You have a new product getting delivered and you need it shot fast and up on your site by tomorrow? We are the team that can deliver that to you. For one set price a month you can be a monthly client of ours and it costs less than you think.

Here’s what is included in our monthly content deal:

Instant access to your finalised project 

We build up your library of footage which then can be used and referenced at any time in future projects.

We foot the cost of storage and we keep all of your raw footage safe and secure. 

You have online access to all of your content via our online storage.

We work together to create a cohesive and consistent brand style which can then be applied across all of your channels in all forms. 

Monthly content clients will receive priority booking on dates over one-off clients. 

We are at your disposal.


We base our rates off how many visits you require to your business. Our standard day is up to 6 hours on location and it’s always both of us there as we work as a team. Our full gear is included with this and we have a pretty decent set up which includes quality audio and lighting.

If you’re a local client to us (within 20 miles of L11) we offer you our local rates. If you’re up to 150 miles away you’ll be on our ‘further afield’ rate and if you’re up to 250 miles away you’re on our Nationwide rates.

The Essentials(1 Visit)The Step Up(2 Visits)The All In(3 Visits)
Further Afield£700£950£1200

Our packages are on a flexible, monthly rolling cost and all we ask for is a minimum sign up for 3 months (at your chosen package) and then it’s on a month by month basis.

An invoice will be raised every month, for the following month. This is due on receipt. Our reasons for this are to ensure that you are booked in for the month ahead, allowing us to add work around you with our other non-monthly content clients. When we can, you will always get first refusal on dates.

Watch this video to learn more about our monthly retainers