Service Photography

Never underestimate the amount of library footage your business or brand might need for online marketing.

You’ll need lots and lots and lots. Honestly.

“But my business provides a service to my customers. I don’t exactly have a product to show.

Not true!

Put yourself in your customers’ place; they want to see YOU! They want to put a face to a name. They want to see those people the company name, whether it’s Janice in accounts, Tony on his forklift or Ben on his lunch break (he’s always on his lunch break!). Showing the human side of your business is an invaluable way to set you apart from the other faceless companies out there.

We don’t just do conventional inside and office shots, we can – and will – go anywhere.

If your business happens to be a luxury lakeside cottage or even a wind tunnel, that’s fine for us!

All the images can be used on your website, email marketing campaigns, on social media or for training purposes.