DCTUK are an online supplier and fitter of carpet tiles and all types of flooring. We supply them with video content for their YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram accounts. The content can be anything from case studies, product overviews and service promotion with a hint of personality and a whole lot of humour.

By his own admission, Dean, the owner of DCTUK admits that ‘flooring isn’t exactly the most exciting of industries to talk about‘. Their aim with the videos we create, is to shake up the market and create a buzz. A talking point. Hence the laid back and comic approach to the videos we create for them. All the information is there, just presented in a more palatable way than a basic PowerPoint slideshow.

Analytics are tracked by their in-house marketing team to gauge the effectiveness of each and every video and the feedback is that this form of marketing is generating ‘very nicely’ with regards to sales conversions.


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